A Brief History of Aldersgate

The Name "ALDERSGATE?" -- Well, Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, was at a prayer meeting on Aldersgate Street when he felt his heart “strangely warmed,” knowing the assurance of God’s love at work in his life.
And, so, in 1988 when “Aldersgate Church” was birthed in Mechanicsburg, God had a “DNA” in store for this body of people yet to come: “Reaching with the Heart of God for the Lives of Our Community … to Change the World by Making Disciples of Jesus Christ!”
The Bishop appointed Leroy Doverspike as Aldersgate’s pastor. Aldersgate Church had NO (that’s ZERO) members! But with financial support from the United Methodist Conference, Pastor Leroy answered the call to pastor a church with no parishioners.

He visited the neighborhoods and held the first worship service in the his home in November 1988. About 15 attended. Over the years, God by the Holy Spirit, centered in the teachings and Victory of Jesus Christ, reached into countless hearts and lives to change their worlds and to bring transformation and hope to the world Jesus came to save!
Today there are well over 1,000 individuals regularly connected to the ministries of Christ through Aldersgate:

  • worship
  • faith-growth studies
  • fellowship and service groups
  • vibrant children’s and youth ministries
  • men’s and women’s growth gatherings
  • recovery and hope groups (AA, AlAnon, Divorce-Care, Grief-Share)
  • a thriving pre-school ministry
  • and many intentional ways that we give our lives away (God’s Helping Hands, Bethesda Mobile Mission, Dogs for God, Food Bank, and more!).

We firmly believe that God has entered the world – our brokenness – because of a Divine and undying love to bring us home. We are safe in that love: safe to confess, to discover hope, to embrace God’s change, and to know Resurrection! Aldersgate is an “Impurfik Chuch” but Aldersgate is gathered in God’s Perfect Love for change and new life. God’s heart is still reaching … COULD IT BE YOU ARE READING THIS BECAUSE GOD IS REACHING FOR YOU?


Aldersgate Exterior
Aldersgate's Pastor:  Troy Howell
Aldersgate's Pastor: Troy Howell

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1480 Jerusalem Road
Mechanicsburg, PA  17050


(717) 737-7923

Sunday Worship Services

  •  8:00 a.m.
  •  9:30 a.m.
  • 11:00 a.m.