Church Organization and Officers

2017 Organization and Officers for the Sake of Ministry in Christ’s Name

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (  ) – indicates the year of service on Council

  • Council Chair: Judy Vandercoy (2)
  • Lay Leader: Mike Galbraith (1)
  • Staff-Parish Relations: Jennifer Starner (2)
  • Trustee Chair: TBD (1)
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference: Bob Mitchem (2)
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference: Kim Dolbin (2)
  • Missions Ministry Core Facilitator: Tom Ziegler (1) and/or Rev. David Watkins
  • Stewardship & Finance Chair: Len Beasom (1)
  • At Large Member: Harriett Shrader (2)
  • At Large Member: Rich Shockey (1)
  • Appointed Elder (Pastor)


Aldersgate Church’s Lay Members to Annual Conference:  Bob Mitchem (2) and Kim Dolbin (2)

Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Carol Diffenbaugh


Administrative Ministry Committees:


  1. A) LAY LEADERSHIP (Whose purpose is to prayerfully seek out and identify gifts and graces for leadership & ministry in and through the church for the sharing of the Gospel).

Class of 2017:  Wayne Noss; Don Underdonk; Andrew Shumway
Class of 2018:  Lisa Laubach; Karla Brenneman; Sue Moran
Class of 2019:  Gary LeGore; Lorraine Wagner; Pete Vandercoy
           Lay Leader: Mike Galbraith      Pastor (Serves as CHAIR)


  1. B) STAFF-PARISH (Whose purpose is to join the pastor, staff and congregation in identifying  and interpreting the ministry challenges/opportunities of our context, and to seek God’s leading in the ministry call before us.  Specifically, this
    committee is charged with providing supervision, support and care of
    ministry staff, and is charged with partnering with the pastor in fulfillment
    of ministry, and in discerning and interpreting that ministry with the

Class of 2017:  Scott Coburn; Preston Buckman; Mark Steinhart
Class of 2018:  Jen Starner (CHAIR); Adam Hoover; Lauren Breed-Berrios
Class of 2019:  Stephen Rutt; Peter Train; Jen Benson
Lay Leader: Mike Galbraith A Lay Member to Conf.: Kim Dolbin


  1. C) TRUSTEES (Whose purpose is to ensure that the facilities and related aspects of this situated congregation are appropriate for supporting and conducting ministries in the name of Jesus Christ.  This is a vital ministry in and of itself, without which all other ministries in this setting and beyond are impeded).

Class of 2017:  Linda Ebbets; Lisa Stanford
Class of 2018:  Tom Bowman; Betsy Keys
Class of 2019:  Joe Prowell; Tom Boyer

Trustees work with AUMC’s Facility Manager to fulfill its purpose in an effective way for the sake of ministry.



(Whose purpose is to lift up the Gifts of God and the responding privilege to be Stewards in Ministry for Christ.  The committee also oversees and is called to lead the congregation in its financial support and response to the ministry visions God sets before us.  The committee also shall cultivate Stewardship awareness and Giving Response through specific action, communication, educational activities, and ministry offerings on an ongoing basis – and specifically in fulfillment of ministry needs and debt-reduction, and as capital funding issues are anticipated.)

Class of 2017: Kandi Buckman; Stan Olejarczyk
Class of 2018: Debbie Smith; John Blazey
Class of 2019:  Roger Breed; Len Beasom
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Bob Mitchem


Other S&F Committee members by virtue of office:  Lay Leader;
a representative from Staff-Parish;  a representative from the Trustees; Pastor.


NOTE:  Treasurer (Carol Purdom/Christy Malpass as staff) and Financial Secretary (Zedna Haverstock) as a volunteer with the possibility of a long tenure of service, have membership with voice but no vote.

Auditors & Offering Tellers: Assigned and are not members of the Committee.

  1. E) Missions Ministry CORE GROUP:

The Missions Ministry CORE GROUP  is charged with overseeing and bringing together the various missions ministry “interests” and “callings” which God has and is stirring within this faith community.  This CORE consists of a “Facilitator” who four times per year calls the CORE group (and others) together for reflection and decision on Missions aspects.  All members of the congregation, technically, have membership in the “Missions Ministry” area and are welcome to attend these meetings.  CORE Group members are asked to commit to that meeting process and to assist the Facilitator in some coordination and/or identifying persons to assist with coordination.  The Facilitator and CORE Group are charged with communicating and making participation in missions and the living out of missions’ ministry possible in a variety of ways that allows people to respond to God’s call …



To facilitate the Missions Outreach ministries by identifying, interpreting, and presenting missions ministry opportunities (personal & group involvement as well as financial support opportunities) so that the love and saving grace of Christ is known to all.


Missions Ministry Facilitator:  Tom Ziegler (assisted by Pastor David Watkins) in CONJUNCTION WITH CORE MISSIONS MINISTRY GROUP

CORE Members

Class of 2017: Tom Ziegler, Facilitator
Class of 2018: Shari Swope
Class of 2019: Mike Rusnak and Jane Engle (2 in this Rotating Class)

With Gratitude & Thanksgiving to God:  We Acknowledge the Following Persons Whose Specific Season of Ministry Concluded, December 31, 2016

Missions CORE: Gary Mann; Bill Brandamore (Facilitator)
Stewardship & Finance: David Beasom (Chair); Tricia Dovenspike; Andy Swope; Marsha Fisher (Interim Chair)
Trustees: John Erno; Doug Dodson; Robin Fisher (Chair)
Staff Parish Relations: Norm Runk; Kathy Galbraith; Doug Haverstock
Lay Leadership: Chris Keffer; Loren Hursh; Randy Strite
Council, Member-At-Large: Ann Ahlf              Lay Leader: Rob Duffield


NOTE:  Aldersgate Church’s “Church Conference” on Nov. 13, 2016  approved a plan that calls for a STUDY AND PROPOSAL in 2017 to restructure how the congregation is administratively ordered.  This may result in change to our existing committee structure for the Sake of Ministry.  Updates on the study will occur, as will findings and eventual proposal to be presented at a 2017 Church Conference meeting to be announced.