God’s Helping Hands

GHHAldersgate Church honors the “incarnational” work of God — that is God bringing to life things from the “ground up” … or God-action down to and through us!

A powerful example of that is the God’s Helping Hands Ministry that was birthed through Aldersgate Church by way of God’s incarnational stirrings through the hearts and minds of several parishioners who
saw opportunity for the people of God to get “hands-on” in practical acts of love, action and empowerment for homeowners in need.  

This ministry addresses important home repairs and improvements in situations where homeowners are unable to act on their own behalf or cover costs.  Widows, widowers, the elderly, single parents with children, and the physically-ailing often are beneficiaries.

God’s Helping Hands has engaged the practical acts of love and neighborly help in Christ with persons who often slip through the cracks of existing ministries and support services such as Habitat for Humanity and government assistance programs.   During its several years of existence, God’s Helping Hands has spread to several area churches and hundreds of volunteers!