Mature Methodists

We Call Ourselves  the “Mature Methodists” not because we have reached “perfection” as John Wesley preached, but because God has gifted us with long years!

The Mature Methodist’s, better known as the M&M’s are a group of Senior’s, although there are no age restrictions and all adults regardless of church affiliation are invited to join us. The 4th Thursday of the month at 11 am you will find us in the youth room or the family life center, for fellowship as we plan our upcoming activities.


Our activities include lunches, theatre, day bus trips, movies, picnics, museums and any other ideas where interest is shown.


The third Friday of every month from noon to 2 pm you will find us at Mission Central in Mechanicsburg assembling a variety of emergency kits. These kits are sent to individuals in the USA and worldwide. Throughout the year, you will find us helping at the United Methodist Children’s Home presenting Christmas gifts, packing the God’s Helping Hand’s lunches during their work weekend, or sharing a birthday cake and fellowship with residents at Bethany Village.


Every Friday at 9 am some of us meet across from the church office, to help prepare the Sunday bulletins as we enjoy coffee, light refreshments and fellowship.


As you can see we are an active group.  Consider this your invitation to join us for one or all of our activities.  For more information contact Betsy Keys at 717-691-0442 and  Or, you may phone the church office at 717-737-7923, ext. 100, and request connection with the Mature Methodist Ministry Group.