Mature Methodists

We call ourselves the “Mature Methodists,” not because we have reached “perfection” as John Wesley preached, but because God has gifted us with long years!

So, we gather regularly for acts of service, for fellowship, fun and joy in Christ, and faith-growth/Bible studies!

Some of the service acts we engage in range from working at Mission Central – the huge missions shipping staging warehouse in Mechanicsburg, Pa., – to processing the Aldersgate Church newsletter and Sunday worship folders, to participating in various ministries that reach with the heart of God for the lives of our community.

We have no age range for participation and joining us.  If you are interested, you are welcome!  to join the M&Ms (Mature Methodists) as we grow in service, love and faith!

Betsy Keys is the M&M coordinator and may be reached at or 691-0442.  Or, you may phone the church office at 737-7923, Ext. 100, and request connection with the Mature Methodist ministry group.