The Heavens Didn’t Just Get Bigger Today …

“NASA scientists announced 1,284 new exoplanets at a news conference on Tuesday — candidates found by the Kepler Space Telescope that have now been confirmed with 99 percent certainty. This is the largest dump of new planet discoveries in history, and it more than doubles the count of confirmed planets for the intrepid space telescope.”  – As Reported In THE WASHINGTON POST today.

“The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of his craftsmanship.”  – The Living Bible, Psalm 19:1

I just love the works of science.  Science is the human exploration of the mighty works and wonders of God.  Some say science is the enemy of faith.  Nonsense.  Science is the human attempt to reach out and discover the mystery of God.  A physicist acquaintance once told me, “Each time science discovers something new in any field, we stand amazed at what we now know, but then we look up and discover a whole new vastness of what we don’t know!”

The Heavens didn’t just get bigger today.  They’ve always been that big, and are even larger than we could fathom.  What a marvelous display of God’s craftmanship!  As I hear this discovery, I’m reminded that the Maker of the Heavens surely can do marvelous things by his handiwork in the human heart and mind on this here planet Earth.  We sure need God’s re-creating work here on planet Earth.  On Sunday, May 15, at Aldersgate Church, (8, 9:30 and 11 a.m.), Dr. George Ghanem of “Holy Land Christian Solidarity Cooperative” will share with us the plight of Christian sisters and brothers in Bethlehem and surrounding areas.  The Christian population of the Holy Land has dropped from 30% in the last century to about 1% today, according to Dr. Ghanem, as many Christians fled the area amidst all of the turmoil.  Western Christians (I’m at the head of this line.) have, for the most part, been oblivious to the plight of these souls.  Dr. Ghanem will help us to know better, and while the Heavens won’t be getting any bigger as we worship, hopefully our awareness, our calling, and our world will grow as the Holy Spirit commissions us to live the prayer Jesus taught us:  OUR FATHER, WHO ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME.  THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.  GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD, AND FORGIVE US OUR SINS, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US.  AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION, BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL.  FOR THINE IS THE KINGDOM, AND THE POWER, AND THE GLORY, FOREVER.  AMEN.