Welcome to Our Church

1480 Jerusalem Road
Mechanicsburg, PA  17050
(717) 737-7923

Sunday Worship at 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am
Sunday School at 9:30 am

At Aldersgate United Methodist Church, we exist to:

“Reach with the Heart of God for the Lives of our community!”

Our Mission/Purpose is:

“Gathered to Grow – Scattered to Sow:  To reach and grow disciples in Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!”

Upcoming Events


The Power of God’s Church: Jethro

God’s Water Carriers series continues and the Power of God’s Church. Today, Pastor Troy spoke about Jethro, and how he taught Moses. The scripture was from The book of Exodus, Chapter 18. Sheri dohner was the worship leader.

The Power of God’s Church: Lydia

Acts 16:9-15 was today’s scripture. Pastor Troy continues his series on God’s Water Bearers, and Unlikely Heros. The Worship leader today is Sheri Dohner

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